The Historical Development of the Bible

The book Science + God + Humanity presents scientific and archaeological evidence supporting the biblical historical account. Acknowledging commonly cited issues with the biblical narrative, logical arguments are made that point to the general truth of the Bible.

The book addresses relationships between scientific discoveries and humanity’s search for meaning. The initial discussion covers how some scientific theories have affected humanity’s perspective. A foundational topic, Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, is then discussed. The later chapters discuss scientific and logical support for the biblical message. The message is also supported through chronological histories of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These histories point out how the Bible has evolved over time.

5-Star review by Susie Ohara on Goodreads: Science + God + Humanity is an interesting read at the very least. The author has a rich knowledge of history and philosophy and he presents the facts very well. The book is definitely worth the time and attention. I recommend it to everyone who wants to explore the world beyond the surface.

5-Star review by Mark Timberg on Goodreads: A well-written book that can provoke many valid questions. I enjoyed the author’s writing and all the information and suggestions he offers to the reader. Science + God + Humanity is a great concept and I applaud the author for his work!

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardback, all large print editions.

(SOURCE: RodneyBondBooks)

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