Thousands View Global Ministers Meeting

Cleveland, TN—General Overseer Tim Hill and the Church of God Executive Committee led a special online “Global Ministers Meeting” on Tuesday, March 8, with thousands of ministers from across the country and around the globe logging on for the time of inspiration and update.

Under the theme, “Leading Through,” Hill opened the session with a greeting, followed by the same from executive committee members Raymond Culpepper, J. David Stephens, David Ramirez, and John Childers. Director of World Missions David Griffis then gave a report on the Church of God as it relates to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Women and children are amassing at the borders as nearly 4 million refugees are expected to flee to neighboring countries from Ukraine,” Griffis said. “In Poland, where the Church of God has 80 churches, over 850,000 refugees have entered, with 500,000 absorbed into homes.”

Griffis went on to report that there are three Ukrainian orphanages, with one in Mariupol that had to be evacuated. There are also over 1,000 Church of God congregations throughout Eastern Europe.

“We can be so incredibly proud of our constituents in that part of the world,” Griffis concluded. “There are wonderful Church of God people who have given to assist in this crisis and we are pleased that we can guarantee 100% of donations that are given for Ukrainian relief goes directly to those in need.” To learn more of donate, visit

Presentations to follow were designed to guide pastors and those in ministry to navigate present conditions as they relate to Covid-19 and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Art Rhodes reported primarily on the economic impact, while Fred Garmon offered guidelines for leadership in these current times.

Hill then introduced pastor and author Larry Stockstill who brought a message of inspiration and instruction. Stockstill, former pastor of Bethany Church, is well-known for his ministry with cell groups and church planting. Under his leadership, more than 26,000 churches have been planted worldwide.

“I have observed how well the Church of God has led during this time,” Stockstill commented referring to the last two years of Covid restrictions and its effect on churches and pastors. “We have precious little time to finish the Great Commission. Leading through is a matter of honoring God’s voice. Church of God pastors, you are in a good family and you (as a denomination), are not going to diminish but multiply and gain.” Hill followed up Stockstill’s presentation with a Church of God statistical report that 35,000 more souls were saved in 2020 than in 2019.

The Global Ministers Meeting concluded with a report from Secretary General John Childers on preparations for the upcoming International General Assembly July 25-29 in San Antonio. Registration, hotel accommodations, and other information is available at

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