Church of God Chaplain Receives Senate Award

The Senate of Puerto Rico recently recognized Chaplain Ismael Ponce with a special award for his many years of service in the State Police Chaplain Program. Chaplain Ponce received the award at a Puerto Rico State Police Encounter of Police Chaplains.

Chaplain Ponce and the awarding ceremony (click image to enlarge)

“For many years Chaplain Ponce has been a leader in the Church of God Community Service Chaplaincy program,” stated Richard Pace, Coordinator of the Church of God Chaplains Commission. “He has been on the front lines of response to multiple natural disasters suffered by the people of Puerto Rico and has been instrumental in training hundreds of Community Service Chaplains in Puerto Rico and neighboring countries.”

The Puerto Rico Senate bestowed the honor on Chaplain Ponce for his years of dedication and commitment to serving as a Coordinator of the Chaplains Program for the State Police.

“This special recognition is an indicator of the positive impact he has had across all of Puerto Rico,” Pace concluded. “The Church of God Chaplains Commission joins with the Senate of Puerto Rico to commend Chaplain Ponce for the concern, compassion, and care he has demonstrated as a Church of God Chaplain.”

(Source: Church of God Chaplains Commission)

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