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In this final installment in commemoration of Black History Month, the Church of God is pleased to present snippets of books and devotionals authored by pastors and ministry leaders of African descent within the denomination.

Title: Fuel for Life
Author: Stanford Senior, Jr.

This is a 30-day devotional meant to inspire and motivate readers to discover what God sees in them and says about them based on everyday common experiences from movie titles, songs, and personal experiences that are sure to make the reader chuckle, think, and laugh at the simple things in life that impact our perspective. May readers find fuel that will shift them into another gear or lift them above whatever has them deflated and find fuel for their lives.

About the Author:
Stanford Senior, Jr is a communicator of God’s truth through diverse means. He is a graduate of Lee University with a B.S. in Pastoral Studies and an M.A. in Ministry Leadership. He is an ordained bishop in the Church of God, and has had the opportunity to share God’s truth on various platforms and settings including revivals, conferences, seminars, and workshops with the United States and internationally. His love and desire is to help people grasp God’s word in unique relevant ways. To contact him, email [email protected]


Title: Leading Ladies
Author: Lorna M. Burch

Dare to be a Leading Lady that is free to be fruitful! Leading Ladies will be a great asset to those in ministry or you are preparing to be a wife in ministry that will lead alongside her husband. Learn how to be effective in ministry with your man of God and how to lead other women from a healthy position. The author will share her challenges and lessons learned that will encourage you to continue to lead with joy!
*Any woman who has sought to be active in ministry and struggled, worked alongside her husband in ministry and felt unreasonable expectations imposed by others or even hurt by others will be able to identify with my book, “Leading Ladies.”

*I spent quite a bit of time seeking some type of mentorship to help her as we entered full-time ministry. The instruction I found was in scripture and within the heart of my own husband. The Lord taught me through the loving direction of my husband and confirmation of scripture.

*If you want to compliment and not compete with your husband this book is for you. If you want the anointing in your ministry this book will help you stay in alignment by living in submission and walking in oneness. If you want to be effective in ministering and loving the women you lead, you will learn how to be free to be fruitful!

About the author:
Lorna Burch is married to her husband of 24 years, Raymond Burch, Jr. She was born in Germany and was raised in various places due to her father being in the Army. She has a passion for teaching and preaching the Word, mentoring pastors’/ministers’ wives, and ministering to women in ministry alongside their husband’s. Her mission in life is to support her husband, Raymond, in ministry. Lorna currently serves as Women’s Ministries Director of New Jersey Church of God State Executive Office. To contact her, email [email protected]


Title: How Bad Do You Want Change?
Author: Kenneth B Jones

The call for change is a popular mantra. You can hear the chants from change everywhere……
….However, even as change surrounds us in nature and life, changing lifestyle or behavior can be one of the most difficult things to pull off….

…When hope dies, your faith will die also. Hope is the earnest expectation, heartfelt, favorable, confident expectation…Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles.

… The lifestyle of faith requires that understanding of the covenant created between you and God
About the author: Bishop Kenneth B Jones is Senior Pastor / Teacher at Boynton Beach House of Kingdom Worship in Boynton Beach, Fla. He may be contacted via email at [email protected]

Title: Change Your Life in Seven Day Cycles
Author: Leanora A. Colley

This is book provides a fresh examination of how you could transform your life and bring it into divine alignment with God’s predestined plan. It equips the reader with a systematic blueprint for change using the seven-day process of creation. Beginning with dethroning chaos from every facet of your life to established order, consistent revelation, maximum productivity, and empowerment to rule. It is a guide to recalibrate and pivot to a position of maximum purpose. The book has an accompanying workbook to assist in excavating hidden barriers to lasting change.

Copies of the book can be obtained by contacting the author at [email protected]


Title: Left in the Garden
Author: Pierre F. d’Haiti, III

“Flowers and plants in a garden, or in any other environment, are designed by nature to adapt to time and seasonal changes. We too must adjust according to events, times, and seasons in our lives,” Pierre F. d’Haiti, III states. As such, his book titled “Left in the Garden” speaks of subliminal messages he has discovered and uncovered throughout his life. He calls these messages or experiences, instructors.

In this book, d’Haiti tells how he was metaphorically stuck in the garden, in the winter season, where everything was dead and frozen; He was not producing good fruit. It was not until he had an encounter with God and the power of the Holy Spirit that he began to realize the necessity of forgiveness and the release of anger, resentment, and bitterness. It was when he recognized his inability to save and heal himself that he allowed God in that garden with him.

“This book has healed me from the bitterness and resentment of not knowing my father nor how or why he was murdered. There was a time I trusted no one, because no one could tell me what really happened to my father. No one dared to ask me why I was behaving in such a destructive way,” d’Haiti admits. “When I began to pen my story from childhood, I started to put in perspective the missing links, realizing there was a problem that required attention and that was me.” He adds, “When I looked around within the field of work I was in (human services), I understood that I was not alone in the pit. There were countless other people my age who were going through similar situations and no one had ever questioned them. They continued doing the same things—drugs, engaging in sexual activities, physical abusing, you name it. My reasoning for engaging in unproductive activities was to get attention.”

“Left in the Garden” aims to bring a different perspective on the area of the adversities one faces in life and to help people remember that there is hope. They can come out of a negative situation as long as they have faith in God and allow him to enter their lives.

About the Author
Rev. Pierre F. d’Haiti, III is a spiritual leader, organizer, advocate, philanthropist, and humanitarian. He has published numerous Yellow Pages Directories: African American Yellow Pages and the Caribbean American Yellow Book. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, he is the second of five children and graduated from the following institutions: Institution Mixed St. Joseph de Petion-Ville; West Hill High School, Stamford Connecticut; Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, Connecticut, with an Associates of Arts; Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut, with a BA in Business; and Friends International Christian University, Merced, California, with a Masters’ degree in biblical studies. He is the founder and senior pastor of Faith Community Church of God, Bridgeport, Connecticut. To contact him, email [email protected]

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