Inspiring Writers to Counter Cancel Culture with Bold Faith at NRB 2022

In an age when Christianity has become a counterculture, Laura Woodworth inspires Christian writers to boldly share their faith. A speaker at NRB 2022 in Nashville, her workshop “Effective Writing: Share Your Faith with the World” (Thursday, March 10) will equip Christian writers to counteract the dark and disturbing agendas of secular media with intentional writing that brings truth, hope and light into the world.

“Cancel culture has made a strong attempt to cancel the voice of Christianity in our society,” shares Woodworth. “But in a digital age, your words of light and truth can literally touch the world.”

An award-winning screenwriter-producer-director and a development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles, Laura Woodworth has over 130,000 subscribers to her YouVersion devotionals and is a regular contributor to, iDisciple and Pure Flix Insider. Adapted from a college-level Bible course, Woodworth’s workshop will elevate the writing skills of both novice and seasoned writers with a vision to change the world. The session will cover writing development and power writing skills for various mediums, in print and online.

Laura will also discuss her role as a writer on the award-winning documentary “Asia: The Great Wall and Beyond” of the TBN television series “Inexplicable” in the NRB Talks session on Wednesday, March 9: “The Documentary Revolution: The Explosion of Documentaries on Streaming Platforms.”

About Laura Woodworth
Laura Woodworth is a development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles, a freelance writer-producer-director and a script consultant for Stage 32. Find more at

(SOURCE: Cooke Media Group)

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