Evangelical Christian Credit Union Rebrands to AdelFi

Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU) is changing its name and brand to better serve Christian consumers, businesses, non-profits, and ministries.

Following an extensive year-long process to better understand how the ECCU brand was perceived by its staff, members, non-members and the broader Christian community, ECCU leadership determined a new name and brand would better appeal to prospective members and help fuel future growth. The research specifically highlighted challenges of the former ECCU name in providing a common definition and understanding among prospective Christian members who were uncertain if they would qualify for membership.

“With ECCU being a digital financial institution, the new AdelFi name brings instant appeal to tech-savvy Christian consumers, while also demonstrating our continued commitment to our mission to give our members opportunities to invest in their faith.,” said Abel Pomar, President and CEO of AdelFi.

The name AdelFi strongly aligns with the institution’s mission. It derives from the Greek New Testament word Adelphos/Adelphe/Adelphoi, which means “brethren/sister/brother,” with “Fi” representing the company’s commitment to financial expertise, and biblical stewardship.

“Our new name will also feature the tagline ‘Better banking. Higher purpose.'” said Jimmy Lee, AdelFi Vice President of Marketing. “In recent years the credit union has improved its digital banking services, and under the new brand we will continue our commitment to supporting the spread of the Gospel by giving back 10% of profits every year to Christian non-profits, ministries and organizations.”

While AdelFi offers a variety of banking options including checking, savings, loans, home mortgage and credit cards, all available through a digital banking experience, the financial institution provides more than mere banking transactions.

With a global membership, AdelFi’s members join in partnership with fellow Christian believers working together to protect their God-given financial resources, improve their fiscal lives and substantially impact the world for Christ through purposeful investing. Each member account contributes to funding loans to churches and ministries that spread the Gospel and helps provide banking services to missionaries serving internationally, as well as grants to ministries and Christian non-profits.

For more information, visit www.AdelFiBanking.com.

About AdelFi (formerly ECCU)
AdelFi was founded in 1964, originally as the Conservative Baptist Credit Union, which merged in 1984 with the Association of Christian Schools International Credit Union to form the full-service financial institution it is today.

(SOURCE: AdelFi)

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