Louisiana Reports Progress on Hurricane Ida Recovery

Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 29, 2021 off the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The Category 4 storm left in its wake many Church of God congregations with months of recovery and reconstruction.

Dr. Derwood L. Perkins, administrative bishop of Louisiana reported that assessments were made the second day after the storm by several, including Perkins and Phil Thompson of Men and Women of Action:

• Thirteen Churches were damaged, four with major damage, six roofs to be replaced;
• Over 35 Trucks of product delivered by God’s Pit Crew and Operation Compassion to Houma, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Robert, and Roseland;
• Nine cook teams had served meals;
• Fourteen work teams assisted in tree removal, church muck out, roof repair.

“In the weeks that followed, a tremendous amount of work had been completed,” Perkins stated. He went on to give a synopsis and update of what had been accomplished and the scope of work yet to be completed.

“The present work to be completed is extensive in scope and will continue for several months,” Perkins said in the weeks following the disaster. “Louisiana owes a tremendous amount of gratitude to Phil Thompson (and team) of MWOA, Randy Johnson of God’s Pit Crew, Operation Compassion (product), work teams from South Carolina and Alabama, and Charles Atkins. Chris Moody has spearheaded the fund raising effort, and many states and individuals have donated funds to assist in our relief and continual recovery. As with all other storms, this recovery is a marathon and not a sprint.”

Perkins listed work still needed and facilitated on six Louisiana congregations:

Friendswood – Houma, LA
• Roof on parsonage has been installed and building gutted.
• Roof on the church is tarped with installation planned for November 15.
• Church is currently being remediated for mold – cost $40K.
• Brick veneer has been repaired.
• Extensive work will need to be completed on the inside of the building. This will be a major cost.
• HVAC system to be repaired/replaced.

Bayouland Worship Center East – Chauvin, LA

• MWOA of S.C. rebuilt second floor, gutted building, reroofed building.
• New septic tank installed
• Total inside of building needing to be completed – HVAC, insulation, sheetrock, etc.
• MWOA of AL is to continue working on completion.

Bayouland Worship Center Main Campus – Dulac, LA

• Roof needs repair.
• Carpet needs to be replaced.
• Front awning needs to be replaced.

Faith Temple – Avondale, LA

• Front of building rebuilt/replaced/repaired by Rio Missions.
• Shingles to be installed.
• New ceiling to be installed.
• Complete remodel needed in kitchen – insulation, sheetrock, electrical, etc.
• Pastor’s house caught fire. Waiting on insurance adjuster.

Metairie COG – Metairie, LA

• Inside of church has been completely remediated.
• Roof is tarped.
• Needs roof installed – materials have been purchased and are on site.
• Possible HVAC replacement needed.

New Covenant – Roseland, LA

• Parsonage skirting to be replaced.
• Parsonage roof to be replaced – materials have been purchased and are on site.
• Church roof to be replaced – materials have been purchased and are on site.
• Inside of church needs sheetrock repair.

Chris Moody with Mission North America has been instrumental in raising funds and working with churches and relief agencies since the storm. A recent report on nine projects facilitated by Church of God benevolent groups listed more than 7,300 volunteer hours and nearly $475,000 saved through these efforts.

Photos of Hurricane Ida damage, progress and relief efforts, are available on the Louisiana State Office Facebook page by clicking here.

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