Pentecostal Theological Seminary Inaugurates SPIRIT NETWORK

Cleveland, TN–The Pentecostal Theological Seminary (PTS) has announced the inauguration of Spirit Network (SPN), effective Thursday, January 20, 2022. SPN is an online comprehensive multi-channel network focused upon relevant Pentecostal global education and ministry connectivity for next level praxis commitment of the Great Commission.

According to a release from PTS, Spirit Network will partner with “VIMEO OTT” for the delivery platform including on demand variety of specific channels including PTS Channel, COG Channel, Third Pentecost Channel, Heritage Channel, The Bible Channel, Leadership Channel, Worship Channel, Local Church Channels, and much more. Included in the delivery model, SPN will provide connectivity with APPS on Roku, Google Play Store for Android, Apple App Store, and Amazon Fire.

SPN features resources, and a broad range of programming including some of the following: inspirational, educational, worship, theological, master classes, webinars, SPN specials, discipleship training, ministerial development, expanded programming weekly, and more.

“SPN is a one-stop source for Pentecostal ministry connectivity,” stated Michael Baker, president of PTS. “All it takes is to become a complimentary subscribing partner and start exploring the growing SPN resources.”

Individuals can join as an SPN partner for free and experience online resources at

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