‘BREAK EVERY CHAIN’ Based on Inspiring True Events

BMG-Global announces the release of the feature film BREAK EVERY CHAIN starring, Dean Cain, Ignacyo Matynia and Krystian Leonard, on December 7 to DVD, Digital Purchase, and Digital Rental.

BREAK EVERY CHAIN is based on the true, inspirational story of how God positively impacted the life of police officer, Jonathan Hickory forever. It is the story of one man but represents the quiet battles of many.

Police officer Jonathan Hickory, played by Ignacyo Matynia (A GOOD COP), sees countless scenes of horrific deaths, and has unimaginable stresses daily due to his line of work, but when he suffers the devastating loss of his son, his on-going battle with alcoholism and depression deepen. When Jonathan turns to the world for answers but finds only darkness, he hits rock bottom. Threatened with the loss his job and family, he contemplates suicide. As his story unfolds, he finds the strength to turn to faith where there is hope, redemption, and healing.

Winner of multiple awards including ‘MOST INSPIRATIONAL FILM,’ this story will bring a much-needed hopefulness to audiences everywhere!

The film can be found on DVD, Digital Purchase and Rental at Amazon, CC.com, iTunes and ChristianBookDistributors.com.

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(SOURCE: BMG-Global)

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