Empowered21 Presents Event Focused on Generation Z

Empowered21 – in collaboration with AVAIL: The Art of Leadership – is hosting a digital event on November 1 at 7PM EDT.

Understanding Generation Z: Born for the Storm, will equip leaders with a better understanding of the largest generation in the world today. According to Dr. Billy Wilson, Empowered21 Global Co-chair and president of Oral Roberts University, “They (Generation Z) are creative, driven, entrepreneurial, and technologically advanced.:

Topics to be covered during the digital event include:
• The Cultural and Societal Shifts Surrounding Gen Z
• Why Gen Z is Important to the Future of Ministry and God’s Church
• How to Properly Impact, Influence, and Empower Gen Z

“Generation Z will take the negative circumstances they have been given and, by God’s grace, turn them into positives,” Wilson continued. “Generation Z is ready. God is equipping. The Holy Spirit is moving. The world is waiting. The winds are blowing, and the waves are roaring. Spiritual history is going to be made because Generation Z is born for the storm. I’m confident that through this event, participants will gain a greater awareness of how to impact, influence, and empower Generation Z.”

Registration for this free event is available by clicking here.

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