International Orphan Sunday Set for November 7

On Sunday, November 7, the Church of God is partnering with Serving Orphans Worldwide (SOW) to sponsor International Orphan Sunday. With over 7,000 orphaned and abandoned children residing at Church of God children’s homes around the world, this is a time to draw awareness of the opportunity to help support this fundamental need.

“It was more than a century ago that the Church of God first reached out in service to orphans,” said Dr. Timothy Hill, general overseer for the Church of God. “In 1920 our movement opened its first home for children, what would eventually become the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home of today. Reaching out to support orphans and those who care for them around the world is in our spiritual DNA.”

Serving Orphans Worldwide is an internationally respected independent non-profit with roots in the Church of God. They offer giving opportunities for churches and individuals with 100% going directly to the field thanks to their board of directors who cover all administrative costs, and as part of the November 7 event, a goal has been set of 200 new child sponsorships at $38.00/month or $456 per year.

International Orphan Sunday will help kick-off, “A Year of Hopeful Possibilities.” There will be additional activities and events, including participation in Orphan Run 4 Hope races sponsored by Youth and Discipleship. Orphan Run 4 Hope has proven to be a highly-successful fund-raiser as demonstrated by a number of states/regions that sponsored runs this past summer at youth camps. According to Brian Yaun, Assistant Director of Youth and Discipleship, many local churches have sponsored successful Run 4 Hope events. To learn more, please contact Yaun via email at [email protected].

For more details regarding International Orphan Sunday, including how churches can get involved in this special promotion, please visit To learn more about SOW and how churches can participate in International Orphan Sunday, visit, where there are testimonials, blogs, and information on how to sponsor a child and adopt a home.

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