New Book Teaches Christian Spirituality

The Christian life is not so much about “walking the line” as hitting the road. It is not about keeping the rules so God will like us and bless us; it is about walking with God through the adventures of life. As we climb the mountains of joy and descend into the dark valleys of suffering, we mature.

How does God empower Paul to “do all things” (Phil. 4:13)? What did Paul mean when he said he had been “crucified with Christ” (Gal. 2:20)? Who is Abba and why does it matter to the Christian (Gal. 4:6)? Why does it matter that Paul bears on his body the “marks of Jesus” (Gal. 6:17)? Readers will consider and discuss these and other questions that relate to their life of Christian adventure.

This book offers modeling and inspiration for the Christian’s walk—modeling both from Paul and from modern Paul’s. It will excite readers about their relationship with God.

“This is an impressive project! Fiensy accomplishes what is usually impossible, presenting cutting-edge historical and textual scholarship in a clear, exceptionally readable way, always with an eye to applying the biblical text to everyday discipleship.” (Perry L. Stepp, Ph.D., President of Biblijski institut, Zagreb, Croatia).

“A fascinating read! This study will be a great resource for pastors or groups working through Galatians or Philippians. Dr. Fiensy discovers those nuggets that can be game changers for a serious Jesus follower. This is not a resource you will consult just once.” (Stephen Pattison, Ph.D., Lead Pastor, Capital City Christian Church, Frankfort, KY)

(SOURCE: Author David A. Fiensy)

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