New Members Appointed to General Board of Education, Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Lee University

Cleveland, TN: Following their regularly scheduled September meeting, Dr. Timothy M. Hill and the International Executive Committee announced the addition of several members to the General Board of Education and board of directors at both the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Lee University.

In making the announcement, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, stated: “The Executive Committee is pleased to appoint two new members to the General Board of Education, three new members to the Board of Directors at PTS and five new members to the Lee Board. Each of these men and women, along with those currently serving on our educational boards, have a commitment to scriptural integrity, allegiance to Church of God doctrine, and a faithful devotion to our educational mission and institutions. In these most challenging and complex times, I call on every member of the church to be in prayer for all of our presidents and leaders in over 130 Church of God educational institutions around the world.”

Teresa Holder and Yvette Santana are new appointees to the General Board of Education. Tim Oldfield, Gerald McGinnis, and Wanda Landreth Gibson are new appointees to the board of directors at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary. New board members at Lee University include Dr. Mark Williams, Kevin McGlamery, Eli Bonilla, Dr. James McIntyre, and Dr. Michael Knight. Visit the links below to view bios for these new appointees.

Current members of the General Board of Education are Michael L. Baker (Chair), Charles Edwin Allen, Jr., Estrelda Y. Alexander, Victor Jesus Cruz, Kenneth L. Hill, Richard Derrick Notice, Michael Dwayne Reynolds, Donald Anthony Roberts, Phyllis Rebecca Thompson, Mark L. Walker, and David E. Ramirez.

Current members of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary Board of Directors are J. Martin Taylor (Chair), Hugh Anthony Bair, Harold Lee Bare, Kenneth Ray Bell, O. Wayne Brewer, Charles Edwin Fischer, David Michael Franklin, Arlene Opal Hall, Jerry Jonathan Jeter, Francisco Jiminez A., George Dennis McGuire, Niko Njotorahardjo, Anthony T. Pelt, Luis O. Rodriguez, Lennox Dacosta Walker, James Westberry, Dale Wilson, David E. Ramirez, Robert Angerer, Herbert C. Buie, and Jerry A. Dixon.

Current members of the Lee University Board of Directors are Dennis Livingston (Chair), Robert Daugherty II (Vice Chair), Marty Baker, Emmitt Beall, Patricia Carroll, Ishmael Charles, Hector Diaz, Bobby K. Jones, II, Wade Lombard, Jerry Madden, Byron Medlin, Jeffrey Robinson, Matthew Sharp, Lee Storms, Clayton Watson, H. Bernard Dixon, David Ramirez, Ashley Freer, Kelvin Tarukwasha, and Steve Smith.

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