Victims Recovering from Church Bus Accident reported a horrible accident involving a charter bus, which was carrying over 30 individuals who were traveling as part of their church youth retreat.

A local Pennsylvania news station WBRE reported, “Dozens were injured when a charter bus veered off the highway and crashed into the woods in Schuylkill County Sunday afternoon. More than 30 people were taken to the hospital after the bus crashed into the trees…”

The Tremont Fire Chief, Brian Eisnacher, reported, “At this time we transported 32 to the local hospitals. Several went by helicopter, mostly by ground EMS to several hospitals throughout the county.”
At this time, we should be praying for the members of the Lives Changed by Christ congregation, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday of this week, the church put out an update on its website, saying, “Thank you for your overwhelming support and continued prayers over these past 48 hours. We continue to hear inspiring stories of how you’re being the Church through this situation…

“… We’ve learned that 3 more girls have been discharged and we’re hopeful more will be able to go home over the next day or two.”

The church also mentioned they have created a fund that will be focused on helping the families with the medical expenses.

(Source: Charisma Media)

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