‘Get to Know Jesus’ with Newly Published Christian Children’s Book

B. Amber Curzie, a Religious Education teacher of 16 years, mother to five children and golden retriever, wife and Catechism student, released her debut book, “Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved” to help children get to know and better love Jesus Christ.

“Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved” is a Christian children’s picture book for children between the ages of 3-8 years old. Through relatable characters, Meana, Hero and Faith, children have the opportunity to understand who Jesus is and how to have a relationship with him. Meana exemplifies good Christian behavior and sets the bar at becoming the best version of yourself.

“Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved,” published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing, was released January 2021 and hit the shelves in Barnes and Noble in April 2021. The book is also available online in print and ebook format.

B. Amber Curzie first wrote Meana in 1998. The book, under a different title, never made it to press. Fast forward two decades later and Meana makes her first appearance teaching children the love of Christ Jesus during a pandemic when people most need the good news of God.

In all of our lives, God has his perfect timing. “Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved” is the perfect example of God’s perfect timing.

Writing “Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved” is Amber’s way of spreading the Gospel of the Lord. She has taken the most important element of her teaching, “Jesus loves you and wants a relationship with you”, and made it available to the public in this heart warming, easily read and entertaining Christian Children’s book.

(SOURCE: B. Amber Curzie, Author)

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