Youth and Discipleship Announces 2022 YWEA Project

The Church of God Department of Youth and Discipleship has officially announced the YWEA project for 2022 entitled, “Land of the Rising Sun.”

The announcement came from International Youth and Discipleship Director, Rob Bailey.

“Sixty-one years ago, Youth and Discipleship began a journey to impact the world through a new initiative called Youth World Evangelism Action, or as it’s known now, YWEA,” Bailey stated. “Since that time, over $38 million dollars has been raised by Church of God children, students, adults, and churches.”

“It is with great excitement that we now are launching the YWEA 2022 project, ‘Land of the Rising Sun,’” Bailey continued. “This incredible effort targets Asia, the most populated region of the world that is home to over 4.6 billion people. Our goal for 2022 is to make a global impact in three strategic countries: Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.”

In Japan, the project will focus on reaching Tokyo, the political and economic center of Japan.

The Greater Tokyo area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with almost 38 million souls and only 1% profess Jesus as Savior. The Y&D strategy is to establish the “J Center” which stands for Jesus Center to serve as a Church Planting and Ministry Training hub to reach college students and young families that live in this mega-city. By partnering with Church of God World Missions, Y&D will “Send the Light” to Tokyo by reaching and training the next wave of pastors and leaders in Tokyo so that Malachi 4:2 “…the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings” is experienced in Japan and their nation becomes the “Land of the Rising SON!”

According to Bailey, the Church of God in Japan is poised to reach the harvest under leadership of two brothers, Uriah and Isaiah Yatsuzuka. “God is also calling young leaders from the U.S. to join this effort by serving as missionaries in Japan. But we NEED YOU!”

In Vietnam the YWEA 2022 goal is to provide financial support for an orphanage and children’s feeding program. On the surface it appears that Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia, has recovered from decades of war, but extreme poverty has created an orphan crisis where parents are unable to provide and children are being abandoned at churches, orphanages, or hospitals.

“Because of the extreme poverty, children in Vietnam are vulnerable to human trafficking as well as being sold across the border to neighboring Asian countries,” Bailey said. “It is estimated that there are 2 million orphan girls and boys in Vietnam. An increasing number of children have been found living in abandoned buildings to get away from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Orphanages are the first and best line of defense to protect orphaned or abandoned children who are at risk.”

Bailey related the story that in the middle of this orphan crisis, God has raised up a pastor who goes by the name of Moses to lead children and teens out of such bondage and slavery.

“There is not true religious freedom in Vietnam and the trafficking industry has corrupted some of the governmental systems that should be there to protect children,” Bailey said. “In this setting, Pastor Moses has a Christian orphanage to care for the needs of 125 orphan girls and boys. They also help feed 400 children each week due to the high levels of children on the verge of starvation.”

Participants in YWEA have the opportunity to join in this effort that is literally saving children from the trafficking market in Vietnam. Moses needs youth groups, churches, and individuals who will rise up and be a part of this deliverance effort.

The third vital initiative for the YWEA 2022 project is completing the fourth floor of the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM) in the Philippines.

Church of God Youth and Discipleship partnered with World Missions in 1983-1984 to help establish ASCM. For over four decades, ASCM has trained thousands of pastors and ministry leaders from over 15 Asian countries. To better accomplish the ministry vision and provide future growth, ASCM recently built a new four-story facility.

Part of the YWEA 2022 goal is to finish the interior of the fourth floor of the multi-purpose hall and student commons area. The hall will be used for chapel services, seminars, and training events. The need is to finish the interior by providing ceilings, lights, flooring, painting, presentation equipment, as well as furniture and decorations. A goal for YWEA is come along side ASCM to accomplish its mission to train and equip Christian leaders for Asia.

“There are 4.6 billion reasons we need you!” Bailey proclaimed in a recent video. “Each person in Asia is special to God. He desires to reach the 99% of the population in Japan that is lost. God also desires to be a father to the fatherless in Vietnam, feeding little girls and boys, protecting them, and showing His love to them through Moses’s orphanage and feeding program. And for over 40 decades, God’s primary vehicle to prepare leaders to reach Asia is taking place through the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, and He needs us to help finish their new building project that will provide for their future growth.”

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