Hill Calls Prayer for Global Concerns

Cleveland, TN–Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, issued a call to prayer for issues facing the church around the globe.

“There is no doubt that we as believers in Christ have much to pray for today. It seems as though our world is in turmoil in every direction we look. As a body of believers, it is imperative that the Church of God family lift up the needs of our world like never before.”

“As you have seen, Haiti has been hit by another devastating earthquake. The initial reports state that thousands could be dead in the aftermath of this massive earthquake. With Church of God congregations and believers spread across the island nation, it is imperative that we lift up our fellow believers in prayer during this time of devastation. While our relief efforts have been activated to assist and support those that were impacted by this natural disaster, it will most likely be weeks before those supplies can be delivered. In the meantime, our church family and friends in Haiti need our prayers.”

“In another corner of the world, we have watched as the Taliban has swept across the country of Afghanistan following the departure of American troops. Regardless of the political discussion about whether the American troop withdrawal was properly carried out, the people of Afghanistan are now at the mercy of a group that has exercised brutal tactics to try to secure power over the last two and a half decades. We need to pray for the safety and the security of the Afghans as they deal with a new political order. May God‘s grace and protection cover this

“Finally, the Delta variant of the COVID virus has led to another major spread of the coronavirus. It seems as though every corner of the world is impacted by this new massive uptick in the virus. Friends and family members around the globe are suffering with the virus, many of those facing hospitalization and death if God does not intervene. Once again, we need God’s help to stop the spread of COVID.”

“Because of all that we are facing globally, it truly seems that we are in the last days. Whether it is Haiti, Afghanistan, or fighting off the coronavirus, our prayers are needed now more than ever. May we as the Church of God family join together and pray for those around our world that need a touch from God today.”

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