Antifa Fails to Intimidate Christians Attending Worship Service

Thousands of Christians marched through the streets of Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, over the weekend to bring hope to their respective cities and the nation. The believers in Portland gathered on Sunday at Tom Waterfront Park to attend Pastor Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” service only a day after antifa attacked a group of evangelical Christians at a prayer and worship service.

Feucht tweeted Sunday, “How about 2,000 on fire Jesus Freaks marching through Seattle to reclaim the streets of our cities!!!!! This is a new season in the Pacific Northwest for a BOLD Church!!

Video of the Portland event shows groups of antifa dressed in black attacking families and children with pepper spray and projectiles as well as destroying sound equipment, Charisma News previously reported.

The militant group’s actions, however, did not deter Christians from attending Sunday’s worship service led by Feucht. Antifa members did show up Sunday but failed to disrupt the event as they were far outnumbered by those in attendance.

On Sunday, Feucht posted this message on Instagram: “Help me GIVE thanks to our security team (half of them here) tonight in Portland. These are all ex-military, ex-police, private security and most important LOVERS OF JESUS and freedom. If you mess with them or our First-amendment right to worship God—you’ll meet the ministry of laying on of hands.”

Feucht further posted on Instagram:

“Though Antifa is surrounding us on both sides working to intimidate, God is setting people free!! KEEP PRAYING!!”

(Source: Charisma News)

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