Teen Talent Competition Being Held Virtually This Week

Competition is already underway as Church of God Youth and Discipleship is conducting its popular Teen Talent competition, this week from August 2-6.

“This will be a historical competition with it being the first ever virtual Teen Talent,” stated International Director Rob Bailey. “Being that it is an international competition, the difficult decision was made to host it virtually in order to allow nations/regions who are still under strict Covid procedures to be able to participate.”

Going into this week there were over 500 entries from states, regions and countries that have held qualifying contests earlier this year. Those winners are competing online this week. Adjudicators will watch the performances live as they happen remotely.

Participants and spectators can watch online at cogyouth.org as well as on social media platforms connected with Church of God Youth and Discipleship. At the website is a complete competition schedule, along with a separate area for each area of competition including music, drama, Bible, and multi-media where live performances can be viewed all week. A virtual art gallery is now live with art pieces under multiple categories, as well as an online library posting of state/regional winners in the Creative Writing category.

An awards ceremony will be broadcast live, online this Friday, August 5 at 7:00 pm, hosted by Bailey, Assistant Director Brian Yaun, and other youth leaders.

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