Mississippi Youth Camps Support Orphan Run 4 Hope

Ready, set, RUN! Climbing through inflatable obstacles, racing through a playground, and off to the finish line! The Adventure Orphan Run 4 Hope was an exciting time for children at Mississippi Church of God Youth Camp.

According to Regina Lasseter, girls ministries coordinator for the Church of God in Mississippi, after raising funds to support orphans across the world, hundreds of children and adults lined up to run for a purpose. For one runner, Anna Phillips, the run was extra special. Determined to participate no matter the obstacles, Anna completed the Orphan Run 4 Hope with a prosthetic leg.

Anna Phillips participates in the Orphan Run 4 Hope in Mississippi (click photo to enlarge)

“Much like any other ten year-old, Anna loves playing games, reading, playing Roblox, and attending her church,” Lasseter stated. “Like most children her age, school is on the list of things she doesn’t love. However, Anna has a challenge that most 10 year olds have never experienced. Born with a rare birth defect called sacral agenesis, Anna lost her left leg at the age of 5. But no matter the challenge, Anna sports her giant smile and prosthetic leg and keeps on running! She jokingly tells curious onlookers that a shark bit off her leg!”

True to the testimony of her family, Anna didn’t back down from any activity or challenge at Mississippi Camp. Along with recreational activities, she also participated in the ministry of Drama Elective, joining her group on stage to minister with the song “Unstoppable God”.

The Orphan Run 4 Hope Project gives the opportunity to impact thousands of orphans in 27 countries by raising funds to meet basic needs. Each year, 1.5 million children die from hunger and a large percent are orphans. Children are sold across international borders, with millions being trapped in some form of child labor slavery.

Concerning her participation in the Orphan Run, Anna was asked why it is important to help others. Her response was simple: ”Because God said so, and because it is good.” Quoting John 3:16 as her favorite verse, Anna is a perfect example of how EVERYONE can do something.

“We’re thankful to every student and church who participated in 2021 Orphan Run 4 Hope!” Lasseter concluded. “In our (Mississippi) youth camps alone, $7,885 was raised to support this ministry! #Sippfam is following the heart of God by GIVING to those in need! THANK YOU!”

Mark Swank, who currently serves as International Youth Missions Coordinator for Church of God Youth and Discipleship said, “Anna’s unstoppable spirit and desire to make a difference in the lives of orphan girls and boys around the world should challenge us all. She daily has many obstacles to overcome and yet her heart and actions accepted the challenge to be a champion for orphans. International Youth and Discipleship is so proud of Anna and Monty and Regina Lasseter, and the State of Mississippi for displaying such pure and faultless ministry (James 1:27).”

To learn more about Orphan Run 4 Hope, visit orphanrun4hope.org.

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