Small Leads America’s Prayer Meeting

Lebanon, Kansas–Church of God Prayer Coordinator P. Douglas Small helped lead and coordinate a prayer gathering, “at the heart of the nation” on Friday, July 23. It was a reflection on the 245th anniversary of the nation and the event drew representatives from fifty states. The 3,000-person tent had standing room only as Christians prayed for a spiritual renewal of the nation to God.

For weeks, teams have literally circled the nation in prayer – driving its perimeters and then weaving through the backroads, stopping multiple times daily for prayer with prophetic acts of consecration. In addition, more than a hundred public prayer rallies across the nation took place in some thirty states.

Garry Bryant, a leader of the International Pentecostal Holiness denomination, noted, “Before people arrived in Kansas, they had prayed across the nation, and their hearts were ablaze.” The enthusiasm under the tent was palpable. The meeting was carried live by Integrity Television and regionally by Christian Television Network. Victory News cut live to the event throughout the day, showcasing the national prayer gathering. Christian Broadcasting Network did live-remote interviews and followed the story.

Doug Small was a visionary for the national prayer event. He noted, “This was a serious, somber, yet joyful encounter with God. Participants spent more than an hour in systematic repentance and then reconciliation prayers and exercises. Children participated. Representatives from the states cited the constitutional basis for God’s legal claims on their state. They invited Him to send a great awakening.”

Local residents of Lebanon, Kansas were ecstatic, indicating that while there had been other significant events at the nation’s “geographic center,” this had been a sober and superlative event. At the end of the day, in a solemn declaration, based on ancient prayers and covenants, the nation was representatively, again consecrated to God for His purposes. Names of individuals, cities, and states were laid on the altar. Those gathered prayed for God’s tithe, a tenth of the population to be saved, a harvest over the next few years of 30-35 million souls. In short – a ‘great awakening.’

Small says plans are already underway for Prayer-at-the-Heart gatherings to take place in at least six states. “We must have a movement of holy, desperate, unified prayer.”

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