Church of God Issues Call to Prayer for South Africa

Spurred by the recent imprisonment of a former president and fanned by a struggling economy and a raging spread of the coronavirus, South Africa is experiencing major political and economic unrest, including rioting in the streets. Unemployment remains extremely high and a recent report noted that more than 10 million people, nearly 18% of the population, had experienced hunger over the last week.

The International Executive Committee calls on our Church of God family to pray for the people of South Africa during this medical, economic, and political crisis.
“We want our fellow believers across South Africa to know that we are lifting them up in prayer during these trying times,” said General Overseer Tim Hill.

According to reports, dozens upon dozens of people have already lost their lives during this chaos. While the Executive Committee is staying in close contact with Bishop Stafford Peterson and other church leaders in the South Africa Full Gospel Church of God, Hill said, “we need all our faithful prayer warriors to lift up this country in prayer. They need our prayers now more than ever.”

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