New Online Evangelistic Event for Men Rolls Out

Strong Man Ministries rolled out its planned new Strong Man Of God Online Rally YouTube Channel on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. PST with the presentation of its first pre-recorded Strong Man Of God Online Rally conducted by Rev. Robert Kelley. As with the in-person evangelistic event, its purpose is to introduce Jesus Christ, the Strong Man of God that saves those who look to Him and is aimed at men as the primary audience. The format of the 30 minute online rally is also the same featuring worship, testimony, a message presenting the Gospel and invitation to viewers to respond.

At present, plans call for a fresh Online Rally to be posted to the YouTube Channel at least quarterly and be viewable as a Webcast on the Strong Man Of God Web Site Webcast Page. Also, “live streaming” of the Online Rally is planned as personnel, equipment and venues make this possible. Church pastors are urged to host watch events for the men they serve and those invited by them from the community. For more information, contact the Ministry at [email protected].

(SOURCE: Strong Man Ministries)

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