Hill Releases ‘Furnace Grace’

Cleveland, TN—Church of God General Overseer Dr, Tim Hill recently unveiled his latest book, Furnace Grace, with the subtitle, “How to live when the heat is turned up.”

Hill’s inspiration for the book came primarily from the last 18 months of observing and dealing with fallout of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the author addresses other cultural issues that rose to the surface during the same period that “turned up the heat” in our society.

“I think for most people, 2020 might have been like an inferno, blazing higher and higher with its red-hot flames of fear and anxiety,” Hill stated in the introduction. The blazes of a global pandemic quickly merged with the burning embers of racial tension, political division, and multiple natural disasters.”

Hill went on to describe how the two words “furnace” and “grace” and not readily compatible, where one is hot and scorching, while the other is “wonderful for all who have experienced it.” Furnace Grace is not intended to be a commentary on the word grace, but a testimony of a leader who, “discovered that it is impossible to self-navigate through a crisis. Just like the three young Hebrew men were guided by the fourth man in the fire, I also found my path through the flames of 2020.”

The twelve chapters of Furnace Grace address topics titled as, “Fireproof Faith,” “Surviving the Crucible of Crisis,” “Waiting for Victory,” and “Chosen for the Fire.” Each is a message or sermon placed in Hill’s heart as he came upon various critical challenges.

Furnace Grace is available for $14.99 by visiting timhillministries.com.

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