Spoken Worldwide Partners with Seed Company

Spoken Worldwide, in partnership with Seed Company, has launched a three-year joint initiative involving 20 Bible translation projects for language groups that are primarily oral in their communication.

Nearly 67% of the world’s population are oral learners – many of whom remain unreached by the gospel. The vast number of oral learners – those who can’t or don’t read as their primary source of communication – significantly increases the importance of oral Bible translation, and it’s this reality that prompted the partnership.

Spoken Worldwide was established 16 years ago to help fulfill the Great Commission through Orality – a practice used to meet Oral Learners where they are by using their methods of learning, rather than traditional literacy models. Seed Company’s mission is to accelerate Scripture translation through Great Commission partnerships in order to have the greatest impact on people currently without God’s Word. Both organizations have a proven passion for oral cultures, and for Spoken Worldwide, it’s the sole purpose of their existence.

“We are excited to partner together with Seed Company to see God’s Word reach oral learners. With Seed Company’s unique strength in accelerating Scripture translation and impact, and Spoken’s expertise and experience working among oral communities, we believe this partnership will produce an abundant harvest – more than either organization could accomplish alone. Afterall, Ecclesiastes 4:9 reminds us: ‘Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.'” — Brian Whiteaker / SVP Field Ministry, Spoken Worldwide

Spoken Worldwide is recognized within evangelical ministry as an organization with expertise in Orality, making the collaboration a natural fit with Seed Company, who has a passion for seeing other organizations grow in their capacity to do Bible translation.

“Seed Company is pleased to collaborate with Spoken Worldwide as they expand their capabilities to serve oral communities through Oral Bible Translation. We believe that organizations with a strong tradition in orality have a unique opportunity to develop a scalable solution to address the Scripture needs of oral people groups.” — Mark Farr / Chief Field Officer, Seed Company

The multi-year partnership between Spoken Worldwide and Seed Company will expand and accelerate their reach of Oral Learners who have yet to hear the gospel.

(SOURCE: Spoken Worldwide)

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