New Book Offers Inspiration

Featuring uplifting, thought-provoking conversations and realizations, this powerful new book by New International (NIV) Bible visionary Howard W. Long, “One Step To Paradise”, encourages and motivates readers to overcome obstacles as it traces a life of tragedy and triumph transformed in an adventure-filled world.

This authentic, compelling narration is the perfect inspirational gift for all occasions, capturing the challenges, insights, joy, and rejuvenation of a life based on purposeful service—and the surprise when love arrives unexpectedly.

“Howard deals with the issues of life that occur in our everyday life,” says Calvin Long, his son. “He does so through conversations that pull one into a storyline that reflects conscious and rational responses to the hardships and triumphs of life.”

Set against the sweeping panorama of the Pacific Northwest, the book’s travel and flying scenarios mirror Howard’s experiences as an avid aviator and inquisitive explorer.

His wife, Genevieve, now 101 years old, vividly recalls Howard learning to fly during the barnstorming era and his enthusiasm for spreading joy through a life of service wherever he journeyed.

“Howard was an engaging, motivating, and warm storyteller at heart who deeply touched and influenced many lives. I remember him smiling at the provocative conversations in this book as he recorded them in Hawaii while sitting under an avocado tree.”

Howard’s unique Christian world and life beliefs led him to live and engage life in a reflective and mindful awareness of the world around him. He believed there were no limits to what could be accomplished, from envisioning a new translation of the Bible—which became the New International Version (NIV) —to engaging physicists to discuss reducing nuclear waste, developing patents for tools, raising his family, and opening his home to engage in active societal change.

“One Step To Paradise” is appropriate for ages 12+ and is available in softcover and e-book at and on

(SOURCE: Calvin and Ruth Long via Christian Newswire)

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