Christian Leaders Reach Out to Israel’s New Premier

The Philos Project welcomes Israel’s new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett with a public letter signed by more than eighty high-profile Christian leaders from a wide range of ethnic, denominational, and political backgrounds. The Philos letter recognizes the accomplishments of outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but congratulates newly-appointed Prime Minister Bennett on forming a government and leading Israel into a new phase of its history. Signatories include an ecumenical mix of bishops, pastors, politicians, writers, former ambassadors, public intellectuals, and media figures.

The signatories thanked Bennett in advance for working peacefully with Israel’s neighbors, pledging to forge deeper ties between Christians and Israelis of all kinds. Robert Nicholson, president of The Philos Project, pointed out the diverse nature of Bennett’s governing coalition. “Here you have Jews and Arabs, both religious and irreligious, coming from the political left, right, and center. This is a government that truly embodies Israel’s flourishing democracy.” Nicholson also noted the diversity of the leaders who signed on to the Philos letter. “Taken together, this list represents tens of millions of Christians from all over the denominational spectrum who differ on many things but agree on the importance of Christian friendship with Israel based on shared values that come from the Bible.”

Luke Moon, deputy director of The Philos Project, states, “At a time when Jews are attacked both in their homeland and around the world, it is incredible to see Christians from so many different backgrounds affirm the importance of Israel. This is the land where the Bible comes to life and the people of the Bible still strive to uphold its values in a turbulent region. We are as committed as ever to promoting friendship between Israelis and Christians around the world.”

The Philos Project is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Near East and works to build bridges of friendship between Christians of all traditions and the region where their faith was born. To learn more about The Philos Project, visit our website

(SOURCE: The Philos Project)

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