New Release Calls for Spirit-Powered Revitalization

Principles of church growth and revitalization are powerless without empowerment from the Holy Spirit, who energized the early church. That’s the core message of the newly released book Back to Acts, written by James E. Cossey.

“Suggesting a Back to Acts approach to church health and revitalization is not to suggest we should return to outdated methods and modes of ministry,” says Cossey, who writes from 25 years of experience as a senior pastor and 20 years as a church administrator. “Our methods will change; the message does not. Strategies for ministry implementation change, but the spiritual power to implement those strategies does not change. Our working motto must be the Lord’s words, ‘Not by might, nor by power, buy by My Spirit’ (Zechariah 4:6).”

A release from Pathway Press noted the book was, “Filled with engaging anecdotes, insightful quotes, and thought-provoking questions —all highlighting Scriptural principles.” The book concentrates on revitalization and (1) Pentecostal power, (2) spiritual gifts, (3) the supernatural, (4) Biblical ordinances, (5) doctrinal purity, (6) Pentecostal praying, (7) unity, (8) evangelism, (9) discipleship, and (10) mission.

Back to Acts is now available from

(Source: Pathway Press)

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