Churches Threatened by Volcano Eruption

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa–Dr. Peter Thomas, Field Director for the Church of God in Africa, reports that an eruption of the deadly volcano, Mt. Nyiragongo, in the eastern Congo, is threatening the entire city of Goma with great destruction and potential loss of many lives. It is the first time the volcano has erupted in 20 years.

The Church of God in the eastern Congo is in danger due to this natural disaster, as flowing lava threatens to push whole communities into a lake which borders the city. Dr. David Griffis, World Missions Director for the Church of God, is asking the Body of Christ around the world to please pray for these affected people, many of whom already live in great poverty.

As of Monday, May 24, at least 15 people had died, many in the chaos caused by the evacuation. One volcanologist has called Mt. Nyiragongo, “the most dangerous volcano in the world.” A river of lava a half-mile wide engulfed hundreds of homes and set fires before coming to rest at the edge of the city of Goma. At least 17 villages have been affected.

Any humanitarian assistance can be sent to Church of God World Missions earmarked for Disaster Relief Project # 765-0036. Please mention Congo Relief on donation correspondence. According to Griffis, 100% of what is donated will be forwarded to meet this immediate need. Please visit

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