Lee University Online Offers New Scholarship, Courses

Cleveland, TN–Lee University Online will offer scholarships toward multiple online academic programs, along with two leadership courses.

Lee Online programs are flexible, fully online, and fully asynchronous. New applicants can receive up to $5,000 in scholarships toward their first academic year. Awards include as follows:
• $2,000 for Bible and theology, Christian studies, or ministry leadership programs
• $3,000 for business administration, criminal justice, or human services (new) programs
• $3,000 for the Master of Arts in Ministry Studies
• $5,000 for the Master of Business Administration, Master of Music in Music Education, or Master of Science in Marriage and Family Studies

“Whether you want to pursue an online certificate, an undergraduate program, or a graduate program this fall, this special scholarship will be applied toward the first academic year for new Lee Online students, making fall 2021 a great time to join or rejoin Lee University Online,” said Rusty Wienk, director of enrollment and student services for Lee Online.

Lee Online is also adding a new bachelor’s degree in human services starting in the fall of 2021. The program is offered with a choice of two emphasis areas: gerontology or addictions.

“If you find passion in assisting individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible, then a human services degree is a great option for you,” said Wienk. “It really is about learning how to help people better.”

To apply for scholarships, interested individuals must apply to applytolee.com using the discount code SPIRIT (case-sensitive) and start their program no later than August 24.

Scholarships will be applied evenly over the first academic year (three semesters) of enrollment and cannot be stacked with other Lee Online promotions or scholarships.

Lee Online will also offer two leadership courses for a discounted price in the fall of 2021. Self-Leadership and Introduction to Christian Leadership are now only $250 each, including books and fees. These courses are encouraged by Lee President Dr. Mark Walker and his vision for Lee to be a hub for Christian leadership.

The Self-Leadership course is a study of self-leadership characteristics and skills that apply to effective leadership. Various personal inventories, self and group assessments, along with personal reflection will be included to examine each student’s present and future self-leadership potential.

“This voyage of self-discovery is sure to help you become a better leader,” said Wienk.

Introduction to Christian Leadership is a survey of leadership principles and ideas offered to provide a sound basis for effective ministry. Attention will be given to contemporary models of ministry leadership that have been successful in the contemporary cultural environment.

Courses are flexible, fully online, and fully asynchronous over a seven-week session. They are 3-credit-hours and can be applied to an online undergraduate degree. Multiple start dates are available, but to take advantage of the offer, interested Church of God members must apply as non-degree seeking online students at applytolee.com with the discount code FIRST (case-sensitive) and start their program no later than August 24.

For more information about the programs, scholarships, or courses, contact Lee University Online at (423) 614-8370 or [email protected]

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