Camp Meeting Season 2021 Will Look Different

As the nation continues to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, states across the country are emerging at various levels of re-opening. These restrictions have affected the Church of God as states and regions plan for the upcoming camp meeting season.

Unlike 2020 when virtually all camp meetings were cancelled, this summer will have a mixture of services depending on a number of factors. The Church of God Executive Committee has informed the administrative bishops that they stand ready to support the states and regions in whatever level of camp meetings will be held. The five members of the Committee are each assigned a number of camp meeting destinations and represent the Church of God International Offices through greetings and/or messages during the week.

Even prior to Covid, the traditional format of Church of God camp meetings consisting of a single morning Bible teacher and evening speaker for a week-long celebration had been evolving. Formats this year will be even further altered with shorter events, fewer afterglow gatherings, and remote and hybrid options. While most of the dates remain in the month of June, they are spread out for several months, with the first camp meeting being held last weekend in California/Nevada on April 28 – May 1. Alaska is conducting their camp meeting this week May 4-7. Two regions will not hold camp meeting until November.

A schedule of camp meetings across the nation and Canada which lists the locations, dates, speakers, and Executive Committee representatives has been posted on Unreliable or undecided Covid guidelines from some states have affected travel and gatherings and therefore have delayed decisions from several states regarding their camp meetings. The list will be updated regularly as more states/regions report their plans for 2021. In the meantime, anyone interested in obtaining more information of a camp meeting in a particular state/region should contact their office.

Cameron Fisher, Church of God Communications

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