Natural Disasters Impact Church of God in Indonesia, Caribbean

A prayer alert has been issued by the Church of God International Offices requesting prayer for thousands of Church of God families and congregations suffering from two recent natural disasters.

On April 4, 2021, Cyclone Seroja hit the Indonesian islands of Sumba and West Timor. More than 200 people are reported dead, 50 are missing, and 20,000 evacuees are in shelters. In addition, six Church of God churches are flooded. Church of God missionaries Tommy and Poppi Smith also have 14 locations of “Poppi’s Kitchen” located on the two islands where locals are ministered to through food ministries.

The benevolence and care department of Gereja Bethel Indonesia, the Church of God’s ministry arm in the island nation, has responded with doctors and disaster workers to help those in need. Teams are in the process of distributing blankets and sleeping mats, rice, instant noodles, and cooking oil. Please pray for continued safety, protection, and provision for the islands of Sumba and West Timor in Indonesia as they recover from this massive cyclone.

Halfway across the world, Church of God World Missions has also received a report from Bishop Wendell Davis, National Overseer for the Church of God on the Islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Due to the recent eruption of the LaSoufriere volcano on St. Vincent, several Church of God churches and many members have been affected by the volcano and the displacement caused by such. Over 20,000 people in the danger zones have been evacuated, with four Church of God churches located in those zones. Director of Church of God World Missions David Griffis stated, “these islands are small, but some of the Church of God’s most dedicated people live there. Please join in prayer for their protection and provision during this dangerous natural disaster.”

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