115th Anniversary Celebration of the Azusa Street Revival

Apostle Fred and Wilma Berry, pioneers and caretakers of the Azusa Street Mission location, have been celebrating the “Azusafest” event for 15 years. They created the William J Seymour awards for leaders who carry that same spirit of humility and unity in the body of Christ.

This year’s winner of the WJ Seymour award is Sean Feucht of “Let Us Worship.” His declaration that “Only a unified church can heal a divided nation” agrees with the heart of the Azusa Street Revival. In 1906 the declaration was that the “Color line is washed away in the blood of Jesus.” It is time for the church to return to the simplistic messages of Jesus Saves, Jesus heals, Jesus baptizes in the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ is Coming again.

The theme this year is “Redeeming the Time” from Ephesians 5:14-16. Join the Berrys at 312 Azusa Street and hear the following speakers: Pastor Caleb Cooper from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; California State Senator Shannon Grove, Sean Feucht of “Let Us Worship,” and Evangelist Frank Shelton, chaplain to the US Olympic Team. There will be special music from psalmists Tarah Hudson and Grace Williams-Poole.

“Prayer leaders from all over the state of California will converge on Azusa Street to pray for a greater Azusa Street Revival,” said Fred Berry.

Fred and Wilma Berry carry on the history of Azusa Street as international representatives through the Azusa Street Mission & Historical Society. The organization’s mission is to carry the flame of Azusa Street to the next generation throughout the nations of the world. ASMHS founded in 2006 main purpose is to educate the public about the historical significance of the Azusa Street Revival and the global Pentecostal Movement’s impact on society. You can receive more information about the Azusa Street Mission at azusastreetmission.org, azusafest.com or call our office at 323.692.7268.

(SOURCE: Azusa Street Mission via Christian Newswire)

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