Central Church and Times Square Church Partner to Host ‘America’s Prayer Meeting’

Central Church of God in Charlotte, N.C. will host a prayer meeting for the nation on Monday, March 15, at 7 PM EST. The event was announced last night from the Church of God International Offices during the first night of the Agree ’21 prayer convocation.

Central Pastor Loran Livingston has been hosting a prayer meeting, which before the Covid19 crisis, was drawing, at times, a turn-away crowd. He has boldly declared to his congregation and its followers that. “the nation’s only hope is found in our turning to God with all our hearts.”

Times Square Church in New York will host a second prayer meeting on Tuesday, March 15, also at 7 PM EST. Pastor Carter Conlon and Livingston are partnering under the banner “America’s Prayer Meeting” to call the nation and its churches to pray. The entire event, covering almost thirty hours and including both prayer meetings, will be streamed at www.americapray.net and social media outlets.

The nation’s churches are being invited to participate in two evenings of prayer on behalf of the nation, focusing on revival and spiritual awakening. P. Douglas Small, head of Project Pray and one of the event organizers, hopes that congregations across the nation will open their doors and join the prayer meetings and the Livestream of guests and prayer moments throughout the day on Tuesday.

“We want to see the nation in prayer,” Small noted. “We want God to look across the nation and see, from coast to coast and border to border, both believers and pastors with their congregations in prayer, united prayer, with one voice, crying out to God for a spiritual awakening.”

The entire event is anchored, Dave Butts, chairman of the National Prayer Committee observed, by two corporate prayer meetings, because of the urgency of congregational prayer.

There will be a collage of both information and intercession, inspiration, and prayer between these corporate gatherings. “We want to see congregations in prayer, and process information that moves individuals to pray for the nation. Prayer will be modeled throughout the day on Tuesday,” noted Small.

There is no fee for participating in the Livestream. It will be available at www.americapray.net and on social media outlets.

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