New Book Lets Children Know They Are Loved and Can Share Love

April marks National Poetry Month, a celebration of poetry’s important place in our lives. For children, poems that rhyme can be easily memorized and still remembered into adulthood. According to The Memory Institute, “Rhyme, rhythm, repetition and melody can all act as an aid to forming memories. Our brains have an amazing auditory capacity.”

Author Shelly Morrow Whitenburg hopes the rhyming stanzas of her new book, You Are a Gift!, will be recited and recalled as children grow older. The book is written in flowing rhythm as a poem for young children to let them know they are loved and that they can be a blessing by sharing love with others.

“Every time I see a child, I think to myself what a gift they are to this world!” Shelly says. “This book and sweet rhyme will plant the seed of that important truth so that children can carry that message with them as they grow older and as life becomes more confusing and challenging.”

Morrow Whitenburg has authored books for children as well as adults. She feels that God’s hand was in the inspiration of You Are a Gift! With the title continuing to come to her mind, she wrote the poem in just one day.

“I want so much for children to understand that the gift of God’s love is within them and meant to shine,” she says. “The book encourages children that they can participate in sharing His love and that love can catch on with a smile and a hug and by being kind, helpful, patient, and caring.”

The book’s message is complemented with brightly colored whimsical illustrations perfect to capture young children’s attention. You Are a Gift! is intended for new readers or to be read to young children, who will enjoy learning to recite the poem.

Shelly Morrow Whitenburg authors books for both children and adults.

For review copies and media interviews, contact: Shelly Morrow Whitenburg [email protected]

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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