California Pastor Supports ‘Religion is Essential Act’

Pastor Jack Hibbs Supports Senator Brian W. Jones’ (R-Santee) Bill 397, “Religion is Essential Act.”

“Senator Brian Jones has my complete support in his effort to codify religious services as essential services in the State of California. It’s regretful that the Church, established by Jesus Christ at the inception of His ministry, must now be legislatively recognized in legislation due to the over-reaching actions of Governor Gavin Newsom.

“Clearly, the Governor has favored secular assemblies including mass protest on the streets, crowded ‘big box’ stores, and failed to follow his own mandates and dined indoors with friends.” stated Pastor Hibbs. “In his efforts to protect the health and safety of the public, he obliterated the First Amendment’s free exercise of religion. Governor Newsom has clearly failed the churches of California.”

Specifically, Jones’ SB 397 would:
• Require that the Governor and local governments treat religious services as an essential service (just like retail) during any declared state of emergency; and

• Prohibit the state and local governments from discriminating against a religious organization during an emergency; and

• Require the state and local governments to permit religious services to continue operating during an emergency; and

• Prohibit the state and local governments from enforcing a health, safety or occupancy requirement that imposes a substantial burden on a religious service during an emergency; and

• Allow a religious organization that has been subject to state or local government overreach to file a claim for relief in an administrative or judicial proceeding.
“It is essential that the doors of the church be kept open for the preaching of the Word as commanded by God to serve the spiritual needs of the men, women, and children in our communities,” stated Pastor Hibbs.

SB 397 is co-sponsored by Real Impact, Capitol Resource Institute, California Family Council, and Judeo-Christian Caucus. It is supported by Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Alliance Defending Freedom, The Salt & Light Council, and it is awaiting assignment to a Senate policy committee for a hearing.

(SOURCE: Calvary Chapel Chino Hills via Christian Newswire)

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