Leading Up to Easter: What You Don’t Know About the New Testament Will Surprise You

Bible scholars N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird say the New Testament is filled with startling and unforeseen twists. According to Wright, “When we see Jesus announcing the kingdom of God saying the time is fulfilled, this is the time for God to become King, we also see Jesus doing all kinds of things like healing people and celebrating with all the ‘wrong’ kinds of folk, and then explaining that this is what it looks like when God becomes King. It is not what people expected.”

Bible Gateway, the most visited Christian website in the world, is hosting The New Testament You Never Knew Online Bible Study, presented by Drs. Wright and Bird, from March 8-April 4, 2021. Free registration for the event is at BibleGateway.com/NTWright.

Based on the lessons of The New Testament You Never Knew DVD (Zondervan, 2019), this study will lead participants on a unique virtual journey showing the lands where Jesus taught, the apostle Paul preached, and the early church took root before expanding throughout the Roman Empire. Wright and Bird walk the soil as step-by-step guides, teaching the story behind the story of the New Testament, how it came to be written, why it was written and what it means for life today.

Wright describes one aspect of just how revolutionary and disruptive were the events of the New Testament when he says the apostle Paul “is obsessed with Jesus. He can’t stop talking about Jesus. Something had happened with Jesus’ death and resurrection which made Paul realize that the God of Israel, who was the creator God, had done something radical and shocking and unexpected.”
Participants of this Online Bible Study will receive the following free downloads and online access to enhance their experience:

• Two chapters from The New Testament in Its World by N.T. Wright and Michael F. Bird

• Session one of The New Testament You Never Knew Study Guide

• A page of insightful and memorable quotes from the teaching of N.T. Wright

• Bible Gateway’s colorful timeline Infographic of Holy Week

• Access to four video lessons with Drs. Wright and Bird. These videos will release week-by-week, no additional registration required.

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(SOURCE: Bible Gateway via Christian Newswire)

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