Center for Ministerial Care Presenting Event for Pastors

The Church of God Center for Ministerial Care will present a special Facebook Live event for pastors entitled “COURAGE: Pastoring in Pandemic.” Scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, the event will take place at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Dr. Tim Maness, Coordinator of Pastoral Care/SpiritCare and one of seven panelists who will be online for the event, stated the event will be similar to an online “pastoring in pandemic” session conducted last summer, but will be geared toward burnout and more specifically pandemic/COVID-19 fatigue.

“When we conducted the last event, the hope was that we would be through this by December,” Maness said. “The longevity is taking its toll on our pastors.”

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Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper, assistant general overseer for the Church of God and liaison to the Care Ministries division of the Church stated, “in a recent survey, 91 percent of pastors admitted to experiencing burnout/depression of some form. That number is extremely high. Therefore, how do we handle these high-powered emotions and what are some coping mechanisms we can take to help safeguard our family and ministry during this pivotal time?”

Pastors, ministers, and their spouses are encouraged to tune in to the broadcast. Panelists include a number of trained professionals and others with life experience in the areas of pastoral and family counseling, pastoral ministry, leadership, and psychology.

Culpepper will moderate the session and be joined for a portion by Church of God General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill. Panelists will include Maness, Raymond Culpepper II, Dr. Fred Garmon, Sharon Maloney, Dr. R.C. Hugh Nelson, Fernanda Ramirez, and Dr. Jeff Sargent.

To participate in “COURAGE: Pastoring in Pandemic,” simply visit and log on to the Church of God page (COGHQ) in the minutes leading up to the event.

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