America’s Prayer Meeting – A Plea for a Great Awakening

It’s being called – America’s Prayer Meeting. However, it is primarily virtual.

Monday, March 15, and throughout the day, Tuesday, March 16, a member of the National Prayer Committee, the group that sponsors the National Day of Prayer, will provide an evening and full day of programming for churches and Christians focused on revival and great awakening.

P. Douglas Small, Coordinator of Prayer Ministries for the Church of God, chair of the Pentecostal-Charismatic Churches of North American, and a member of the National Prayer Committee and the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, is providing leadership in the event. Small says that other significant partners will provide a collage of information and prayer moments, inspiration, and intercession throughout the day.

“We sense that the church needs to be informed, not only about the treacherous times in which we find ourselves as a nation but also, the fact, that in such times in our history when we have prayed, God has intervened.” He noted, “The First Great Awakening gave birth to the nation. Now we need another to save the nation.”

The virtual event will be hosted and led by various national prayer leaders, live, and others who will participate remotely. “It will be,” Small said, “a lively balance of spiritual intelligence and pleas for God’s intervention.” The event will join evangelicals and Pentecostals across the nation who are advocates for prayer and spiritual awakening. It will begin with a prayer meeting on Monday evening and end with another on Tuesday.

Churches across the nation are being asked to consider opening their doors for prayer as they invite congregates and the community to view the Livestream and join with other Christians across the nation in prayer. Information can be found at

To register as a streaming partner, contact [email protected] or simply pick up the stream from the website or

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