Faith Group Calls for Removal of Fence, Troops Surrounding Capitol

The Christian Defense Coalition has applied for a permit application from the U. S. Capitol Police to have a Good Friday Prayer Vigil and Service on the lower western terrace of the Capitol on April 2.

The Good Friday Service would be on the exact spot where the Capitol was violently breached on January 6.

Last year, the organization celebrated the “Stations of the Cross” around a 15ft cross at the Capitol on Good Friday. (See photo above).

After the tragic and troubling violent acts that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, it is critical the “People’s House” be reopened to send a powerful message America will never let extremists crush and trample our freedoms and values.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition based in Washington, D.C., states;
“The time has now come to reopen the ‘People’s House’ and remove the 8ft razor wire covered fence and armed troops from around the United States Capitol building. The tragic and violent events that occurred on January 6, should remind each of us how precious and sacred the freedoms and liberties every American enjoys are and that we can never let extremism and violence silence them.

“By allowing the Capitol building to be surrounded with fencing and armed National Guard troops, our leaders are sending the worst possible message to the nation and the world. America’s message should be one of freedom and liberty and not one of fear.

“Having the Good Friday Service, at the exact location where the Capitol breech took place, also reminds us there are no political solutions for the deep divisions and struggles facing our nation. America’s problems can only be healed spiritually as we embrace the amazing love and sacrifice that Christ exhibited on the cross.”

(SOURCE: Christian Defense Coalition via Christian Newswire)

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