Youth Specialist Shares Conversation Starters

So, how do parents have the honest “conversations” with your teenager to resolve and create healthy mental mindfulness, ease their fears, tensions, and uncertainties still amid COVID-19, while restoring justice to our “most” vulnerable — our precious children?

So here’s what we know, a New Year, and another level of stressors surrounding the Coronavirus. According to the CDC: Education within a third place environment still needs to be “trauma” focused and sensitive in schools and virtually from home-base. Children are feeling empty, isolated and detached from extra-curricula activities like football, cheerleading, drama club and many more.

COVID-19, the “invisible” enemy has placed a tremendous amount of “emotional” stress on our teens, teachers, parents and lawmakers. It’s NOT getting any easier. Period.

In an Interview Stacey will share the following:

1. Communicate the Challenging Safety Rules. Parents must open their mouths, and speak candidly about the pandemic from a place of safety. Social-Distancing, Face Masks are Top priority for any gathering. Also, answering teens questions with purpose.

2. Suicide is the #2 leading cause of death among teens in the US, according to the CDC. Vehicle accidents are still the #1 leading cause of death among teens. Super Bowl {55} Master Rule – NO Drinking, Texting and Driving IF you attend a celebration.

3. Travel in groups, especially if going places on foot. Many newcomers, visitors to the area and ‘strange’ people with NOT the BEST intentions at-heart — mostly look for seemingly lonely, isolated and emotionally empty young people to lure into the Sex-Trafficking industry.

About Stacey Spencer:
Stacey Spencer is a Keynote Speaker, youth mentor and bullying prevention specialist, former TV host and producer. Booking Info:

(SOURCE: Stacey Spencer Consulting, LLC, via Christian Newswire)

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