Cannon Accepts Prestigious National Appointment

Rev. Carlton Cannon, deputational representative for Church of God Ministry to the Military, recently accepted an appointment as the National Chaplain for the Military Order Purple Heart. This voluntary position serves at the request of the National Commander and is responsible for the religious needs of the members and their families associated with the Military Order Purple Heart.

Carlton Cannon

The Military Order Purple Heart (MOPH) was formed in 1932 for the protection and mutual interest of all who had received the decoration and was recognized and chartered by the United States Congress on August 26, 1958. The President of the United States is the Honorary National Commander-in-Chief of the Military Order Purple Heart. Composed exclusively of Purple Heart Medal recipients, it is the only veterans’ service organization comprised strictly of Combat Wounded Veterans. Numbering approximately 45,000 members, MOPH is active in the veterans’ world with a number of national programs.

Cannon serves the Church of God in the Ministry to the Military department where he represents MTTM at events and functions across the United States under the leadership of Director Robert Moore.

“Continue to pray for me as I endeavor to reach this harvest!” Carlton stated. “For His sake lest we forget.”

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