Church of God Teen Talent 2021 Projected for August at Lee University

In an intentional effort to highlight and invest in the “Jeremiah Generation,” the Church of God Youth & Discipleship Department plans to host the International Teen Talent Competition and Awards Festival, August 2-6, 2021 at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn.

David Blair, International Director of the Department of Youth and Discipleship, states, “these are unprecedented times, and the state/regional teen talent competitions may not be held as early as in previous years and in some cases, virtual competitions may be necessary. However, our commitment to discover, develop, and dedicate the talent of young people is not deterred.” Blair describes Teen Talent as, “an international program for youth in the Church of God around the world and the competition aims to help young people discover their talents to better serve the Lord and to bless the local church.”

The Top Three winners from their respective states/regions/nations, are invited to the exciting five-day event. International Teen Talent features competition in music, art, drama, multimedia, creative writing, and Bible.

In challenging times, Blairs says Youth and Discipleship “powers through with collaboration with exceptional leaders and creativity to find ways to highlight and celebrate the gifts and talents of Church of God students (ages 13-19). In spite of the hurdles and obstacles that may be in view, Teen Talent thrives and grows.”

Whether live and in-person, video recorded, or virtual, state/regional directors of youth and discipleship are showing resilience, innovation, and creative initiatives to ensure that the ministry of Teen Talent continues. The newly released and revised 2021 Teen Talent Competition Manual will help to prepare participating students for this opportunity and is available at the Youth and Discipleship store by clicking here.

“Hopefully, Teen Talent will be held, in-person, this summer at Lee University as it has now for almost a decade,” Blair continued. “If it is feasible in late summer to host a safe and secure event, incredible activities for Teen Talent participants will be coordinated by Lee University and Youth and Discipleship throughout the week, including a block party, a night of worship featuring Lee University President, Dr. Mark Walker and the ‘Battle of the States’ competition.” Blair went on to say that depending on the current global, national, and state health and safety recommendations at that time, Church of God Youth and Discipleship will be prepared to offer virtual alternatives that allows for competition, growth, and learning, but will also keep students safe and healthy. A completely “Virtual Teen Talent” concept is already being explored and under analysis.

Assistant International Director of Youth and Discipleship, Rob Bailey, explained, “Church of God Teen Talent has helped prepare and refine musicians, pastors, writers, artists, and ministry leaders in congregations and ministries all over the world.”

Several new categories in Drama, Music, and Multi-Media are now offered. International Teen Talent Competition is being planned as a safe and in-person event at this point, but prospective participants and youth leaders are encouraged to check for regular updates.

For more information about Teen Talent, visit the websites of State/Regional/National departments of Youth and Discipleship.

“Teen Talent has been committed to discovering, developing, and dedicating the talent of young people within the Church of God for sixty years,” Blair concluded. “If 2021 requires a more non-traditional approach, rest assured that Youth and Discipleship is committed to providing a first class, ‘virtual’ Teen Talent competition that will continue to accomplish those goals.”

(Source: Church of God Youth and Discipleship)

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