Author Shares Story of Daughter’s Cancer in ‘Not My Plans’

With bright eyes and a mop of dark brown hair, pint-sized Natalie Yokeley carried wisdom, empathy, faith and earnestness beyond her years. Natalie was just 12-years-old when she was diagnosed with inoperable spinal cord cancer in 2008. Only nine months later, barely a teenager, her earthly journey came to an end.

From the initial symptoms, to the dreaded diagnosis and subsequent treatments, to being with Natalie as she slipped into eternity, the Yokeley family endured a nightmare from which there is no waking.

In “Not My Plans: When God Allows a Parent’s Worst Fear to Come True,” Kathy Yokeley poignantly shares her story of loss and pain, but also ultimate healing in God’s eternal promises. A mixture of visceral sorrow and undying hope, “Not My Plans” chronicles Natalie’s amazing ongoing legacy of courage, love, unwavering faith, and unexpected joy.

“This side of heaven, I will always miss my girl and mourn the events in my life that I will never experience with her,” writes Kathy. “But when I focus on where she is and the wonderful assurance that I will see her again, tears of sadness turn to joy.”

Over the years, many friends and family have lovingly encouraged Kathy to write a book about Natalie’s legacy. When she began working on it, Kathy had no idea that it would be published at a time when so many are suffering due to the Coronavirus. “God’s timing is perfect,” said Kathy. “I pray that this book offers hope and encouragement to those who need it.”

In addition to sharing Natalie’s battle, “Not My Plans” contains practical tips for supporting others who are mourning. Explaining that some words hurt far more than they help, Kathy offers insightful guidance, using her real world experiences to explain the emotions that arise in the grieving process.

“Not My Plans” is available now on Learn more at, and watch a recent interview with Kathy at

(SOURCE: Christian Newswire)

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