Call to Prayer on Day of Presidential Inauguration

Cleveland, TN: On this Inauguration Day, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, issued a call to prayer for the United States and its leaders.

“During most of our lives, January 20th following a national election has served as a time of transition for the leaders of our great nation. That transition every four years comes with some people extremely ecstatic that their chosen candidate has become President while others are apprehensive about the future because their candidate did not win. Regardless of our feelings, scripture in First Timothy 2:2 calls on us to “pray for all people and those in authority that we may live peaceable lives.”

In a time when our country faces political division, racial strife, economic concerns, and a pandemic that exceeds anything that our nation has dealt with in over 100 years, our leaders need our prayers like never before. While we are called to lift up our leaders in prayer and we are committed to do that, we realize that we would have no hope without the grace and mercy that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives us.

On this Inauguration Day, I call on our church family to pray for newly Inaugurated President, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Inaugurated Vice President Kamala Harris.

May we pray that the President, Vice President, Members of Congress and all National and State leaders govern knowing that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”

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