10 Spirit-Filled Ways to Respond to the Change in Administration

You may have voted for the reelection of President Donald J. Trump. I’m sure you went through a plethora of emotions when he lost. You’re probably still processing the turn of events. Nonetheless, Joseph R. Biden is being inaugurated today as our new president.

By Dr. Jamie Morgan

I posted on social media my commitment to pray for our new president for the next four years and was shocked at the comments I received. While some agreed to do the same, others name-called our new president, some said they would never pray for him, and still others told me my prayer stance was wrong.

The jarring reaction of the body of Christ to my post spoke volumes regarding the state of the church.

The reaction of born-again Christians who didn’t vote for Biden must be Christlike. Believers need to lead the way by responding in a godly manner—and encouraging others to do the same.

10 Spirit-Filled Ways for Never-Biden Voters to Respond Right Now:

1. Pray for revival as never before.
2. Immerse our new president in prayer.
3. Resist fear, anger and hopelessness.
4. Trust God and lean not on our own understanding.
5. Remember that we are citizens of the kingdom of God—a kingdom that cannot be shaken. We are just passing through.
6. Walk in love and be peacemakers to everyone around us—on both sides of the aisle.
7. Repent for any part we played in letting politics divide the church and any negative rhetoric in which we took part.
8. Remember that God is sovereign, in complete control and holds the universe in the palm of His hand.
9. Get our priorities back in order from the distractions of this election and be about the business of the kingdom.
10. Become as articulate in explaining the gospel to the lost as we were in explaining why Biden (or Trump) shouldn’t have won. {eoa)

Dr. Jamie Morgan is lead pastor of Life Church (Assemblies of God) in Williamstown, New Jersey. Her website is JamieMorgan.com.

(Source: Charisma Media)

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