Christian Leaders Mobilizing Online to Combat Alarming Growth of Antisemitism

Aiming to collaborate, mobilize and provide next steps to combat an alarming rise in antisemitism, the American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) network recently convened with pastors and Christian leaders from across the nation for a series of webinars, discussing the explosive growth of antisemitism in the United States. According to ICEJ USA Director Dr. Susan M. Michael, they won’t be the last.

“These webinars were designed to introduce Christian leaders to the issue and pave the way for continued educational programs as well as opportunities to mobilize our members against this growing problem,” says Michael.

In 2019, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recorded more incidents of assault, vandalism, and harassment against American Jews than in any year since they began tracking such incidents in 1979. Since then, coronavirus conspiracy theorists have blamed Jews for the pandemic—to either dominate the world or make money off the antidote—and protestors have been heard chanting anti-Israel and anti-Jewish slogans in the streets.

“How could this be happening in the United States, where support for Israel and the Jewish people—from the president and Congress down to thousands of churches and millions of citizens—is so strong?” asks Michael. “This rise in antisemitism is alarming. However, what has me the most concerned, however is the lack of outrage against it.”

Among the experts that participated were US State Department Special Envoy Elan Carr and US Commission on International Religious Freedom Member Gary Bauer, regarding the response of the US government to the global phenomenon; Alyza Lewin, Esq., discussing where antisemitism is most prevalent in the United States; and Liora Rez of, exploring antisemitism’s presence on social media and how it’s influencing not just Jewish culture, but culture at large. Others included author Dr. Michael Brown, Dr. Gerald McDermott and Israeli government officials. The conversations can still be accessed here.

“The Christian demographic is the one with the political and moral strength to stand with the Jewish community and push back against this hatred,” said Michael. “However,” she added, “many are unaware of the severity of the problem.”

Additional webinars are being planned. Pastors and Christian leaders interested in receiving information can visit or contact the ICEJ USA at (615) 895-9830.

ACLI is a network of leaders directed by the US Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. The following organizations cosponsored the webinars along with ICEJ USA: Aglow International, American Values, Bridges for Peace USA, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Israel Division, Combat Anti-Semitism Movement, Friends of Israel, Israel Allies Foundation, and The Jerusalem Connection.

(SOURCE: American Christian Leaders for Israel via Christian Newswire)

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