Group Launches ‘Catholic’ Advice for Biden’s First 100 Days

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The National Catholic Reporter (NCR), an independent Catholic news source, is partnering with Catholic politicians, activists and scholars to offer advice to President-elect Joe Biden, the country’s second Catholic president. The “Building a Common Future” series launches today and takes its title from Pope Francis’ 2020 encyclical, Fratelli Tutti.

“Building our common future: It’s what the United States, indeed, the entire world needs right now,” write NCR’s editors in an editorial introducing the series.

“Doing so involves a fight against the ideological curse that besets America today, the idea that if individuals simply pursue their own interest, defend their own freedom, and ignore or even deny the existence of any ‘common’ good, all boats will rise, the government will shrink as it should, and the people will be free from the shackles of imposed moral orders,” the editors write.

Drawing on the Catholic social teaching about the common good, the editors and guest commentators urge Biden to pursue policies that reflect a shared responsibility to one another.

The first guest commentary in this series comes from Sen. Tim Kaine, the junior United States Senator from Virginia and former vice presidential candidate. Senator Kaine’s editorial, “Let America be an island of mercy for immigrants, refugees” discusses his own history as a missionary in Honduras. He urges President-elect Biden to prioritize family reunion, and for Congress to finally pass an immigration reform bill.

In the coming weeks, NCR will publish editorials on abortion, the death penalty, gun control, LGBQT issues, health care, COVID-19, foreign policy, and the environment from guest contributors, including Sr. Simone Campbell, Sr. Helen Prejean, Gloria Purvis, Tia Noelle Pratt, Rep. Linda Sánchez, Richard Trumka, and more.

The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) is an independent, Catholic news source.

(SOURCE: National Catholic Reporter via Christian Newswire)

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