New Book Series for Children as They Learn to Read

There are hundreds of early readers available; the most famous were authored by Dr. Seuss. Lee Jenkins’ aim is to add to this collection by authoring books that use patterns to assist children as they read Bible and/or Aesop based stories. Lee Jenkins’ friend, Bill Martin Jr, who wrote Brown, Bear, Brown Bear and 300 other children’s books provided the inspiration and unique process.

Dr. Jenkins’ research with over 3000 teachers documented the loss of enthusiasm for learning from kindergarten to grade 12. Sadly, this loss continues until 2/3 of students have lost by grade 9 the love of learning they brought with them to kindergarten. The sad trajectory too often begins with pain while learning how to read. This need not be the case.

During media interviews, in addition to hearing about four unique books, parents will learn superb ways to assist their children with reading using paper, pencil, felt pen, crayons and nickel size white dots. The loss of enthusiasm for learning may start in the future; let’s be sure it doesn’t begin with learning how to read.

Book titles are:
• A Day with Jesus: The Story of Zacchaeus
• A Week with Joshua: The Battle of Jericho
• An Evening with Daniel: The Lions’ Den Theatre
• Who’s Afraid of a Lion? Aesop’s Bully Fable
• How to Create a Perfect School: Maintain Students Motivation and Love of Learning from Kindergarten through 12th Grade

(SOURCE: LtoJ Consulting Group via Christian Newswire)

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