Group to Hold Prayer Vigil at D.C. Chinese Embassy

Human rights activists, in support of Hong Kong, to hold prayer vigil and peaceful civil disobedience on Friday, November 20, 12:00 PM at the Chinese Embassy at 3505 International Place N.W., in Washington, DC.

The group will be praying for freedom, democracy and human rights in Hong Kong as well as calling for the next Presidential Administration and Congress to stand with Hong Kong as they face oppression and persecution from the Chinese government.

To stand in solidarity with the heroic people of Hong Kong, members of the group will be peacefully kneeling in front of the Chinese Embassy blocking the entrance as they pray for human rights and freedom in Hong Kong.

Dr. William Devlin, CEO of REDEEM!, states:

“This week the Pew Research Center out of Washington DC stated that the People’s Republic of China has the highest government rate of restrictions on religion of any government in the world. We pastors saw this firsthand one year ago today in Hong Kong where the draconian restrictive government of Carrie Lam brutally oppressed democracy and freedom loving rallies. Today we stand with Hong Kong and call upon the PRC to allow Freedom, democracy and liberty to flourish in Hong Kong.”

Rev. Kristopher Keating, President, Bright Mercy, remarks:

“The Chinese government must be held to a higher and better standard for protecting basic human rights. The treatment of the ‘Hong Kong 12’ highlights China’s failure to ensure fair process for people subject to its rule. Hong Kong was peaceful and prosperous before the Chinese government’s over-zealous actions to oppress popular dissent. We are here to stand in solidarity with our oppressed and imprisoned neighbors struggling for freedom. We are here to say to China, “The world is watching.”

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments:

“For over 40 years, we have been a loud and prophetic voice calling for an end to Chinese brutality and oppression against their own people. As we gather in prayer and public witness, we also call upon the government of the United States to continue their support for freedom and human rights in Hong Kong. America and the free nations of the world must always stand with Hong Kong and never be silent regarding Chinese tyranny and oppression.”

Rev. Mahoney, Rev. Keating and Dr. Devlin were on the streets Hong Kong exactly one year ago this week speaking out for human rights and freedom.

(SOURCE: Christian Defense Coalition via Christian Newswire)

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